VI Republican Conference in Soil Science

On 8th of December 2017 at the Kakha Bendukidze University Campus VI Republican Conference in Soil Science was hosted. The conference was dedicated to 105 years since birth of famous scientist, teacher and public figure, academician of Academy of Agriculture professor Ivane Sarishvili. Participants of the event remembered professor Sarishvili and his scientific work.

The event was organized under the World Soil Day celebration by the initiative of Georgian Society of Soil Science.

„Academician of Academy of Agriculture I. Sarishvili and development of subtropic agrochemistry” – Academician of Academy of Agriculture Valerian Tsanava
(Institute of tea, subtropical cultures and tea production, Agricultural University of Georgia)

„Role of Academician of Academy of Agriculture I. Sarishvili  in icreasing fertility of the cropland zone soils of East Georgia”- Dr. Diana Khomasuridze and Amiran Tkhelidze
(Agricultural University of Georgia)

“Red Book of the Soils of Georgia: current condition and perspecitve” – Agriculture PhD Tamar Kvrivishvili (Agricultural University of Georgia)

Shota Rustaveli National Scientific Foundation project –
„Science Begins from School – Research with Participation of Schoolchildren“ First Steps – PhD student Ilia Kunchulia (Agricultural University of Georgia)