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III Olympiad in Soil Science among Schoolchildren

With initiative of Agricultural University of Georgia, Michail Sabashvili Institute of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Melioration, Georgian Society of Soil Science (GSSS) and Association of Professional Chemists of Georgia will be held the third Olympiad in Soil Science among schoolchildren in the forth week of April at the Kakha Bendukidze University Campus.
VI-XII grade schoolchildren from state and private schools of Georgia that already have learnt about soils in their program can take part in the event.


Tentative date for the olympiad is Friday, 27th of April, 11:00. Contact information:

Mariam Merabishvili 595 59 56 70

Tengiz Urushadze 599 58 25 41

Ilia Kunchulia 592 40 43 87

Schoolchildren from Tsilkani N1 state school visited Scientific Research laboratory of Soil

Schoolchildren from Tsilkani N1 state school visited Ivane Sarishvili Scientific Research laboratory of Soil in village Tsilkani, Mtskheta municipality and got acquainted with working process. The visit was part of a grant project funded by International Union of Soil Sciences – IUSS. The project is leaded by head of the laboratory Giorgi Ghambashidze.

The aim of the project is to establish “soil corners” at schools, where will be presented information regarding importance of soil, its role in ecosystem services and protection measures of soil and land.

Participant pupils from target schools are regularly hosted by the laboratory were they learn about modern approaches and methodologies of work in soil laboratory and in the field.

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The Lone Earth: Climate, vineyard and terroir concepts in viticulture

On the eight meeting of the eco club, members of The Lone Earth attended on presentation by Manager of Kakha Bendukidze University Campus Museum of Natural Sciences, PhD student of Agricultural University of Georgia Anna Veshaguridze on topic: Climate, vineyard and terroir concepts in viticulture

The lecture was about importance of climate in duration of vegetation period and zonality. Concepts of Terroir in European countries and impact of climate change on viticulture sector.

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Lecture about Borjomi valley

On the seventh meeting of eco-club schoolchildren attended lecture about Borjomi valley. Presenter Tamar Khoshtaria gave talk about history of Borjomi, mineral waters and resort zones. Also challenges of the region and reasons of their existence.

Members of the club were interested about recent frequent wild fires and approaches of prevention

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„The Lone Earth” starts 2018 with radio biology

On the sixth meeting of the eco-club, participants were presented a lecture “A world of invisible rays” that was about modern problems of radio biology and about famous Georgian scientist Ivane Tarkhnishvili. The lecture was presented by Mikheil Gogebashvili and Nazi Ivanishvili, representatives from I. Beritashvili Center of Experimental Biomedicine, Laboratory of Radiation Safety Problems.

At the end of the presentation, the schoolchildren and their teachers gave questions and discussion was held. The meetings of the club will be held once in two week.

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