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Presentation of “The Red Book of Soils of Georgia”

In “The Red Book of Soils of Georgia” in Georgian and in English languages were reviewed
principles of the “Memorial”, “Rare” and “Etalon” groups of soils. Provided information is about soil forming factors, morphological sings, the main indicators of features of soils and the “Red List”. The textual part is attached colorful photos of soil profiles and landscapes, results of data analyzes are presented in tables.

“The Red Book of Soils of Georgia” is intended for both, specialists and for a wide range of
readers who are interested in the importance of Georgian soils, their degradation and protection issues. The materials presented in the book can be used to improve the legal base of soil protection.

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Professor Tengiz Urushadze has became a Honorary Member of International Union of Soil Scientists 2018 Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

The 21-st World Congress of Soil Science, took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on 16-th of August  2018. Professor of Agricultural University of Georgia, Director of Michail Sabashvili Institute of Soil Science, Agrochemistry and Melioration, academician Tengiz (Gizo) Urushadze was selected as a Honorary Member of the International Union of Soil Scientists that is unprecedented case in history of Georgian Soil Science. On the congress was attended more than 4 234 delegates from 145 countries from all over the World. This honor was awarded only to 92 scientists since 1924.

Georgian Society of Soil Science, congratulates dedicated scientist, teacher and respected person following recognition, wishes to him health and longevity.

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